Monday, 28 January 2019

How to present Research Findings - Unit 2

Research findings

I conducted some initial research into music video production in order to develop some understanding in what makes a successful sequence. I analysed the theories of Carol Vernallis and Andrew Goodwin and applied them to various music videos. Collecting secondary findings before hand, provided me with a better foundation to begin planning my own work; I was able to develop a deeper understanding of the styles of music video and the editing techniques that they make use of.

I first began by applying the theories of Goodwin and Vernallis to a selection of music videos from different genres. Doing so allowed me to produce more valid findings, as opposed to looking at just one genre of music. In addition to this, I conducted semiotic analysis to examine other aspects of each sequence, such as the meaning behind different camera shots, mise en scene and the purpose of each edit/cut.

I produced a short questionnaire which allowed me to gather primary data on what makes a successful and appealing music video. Although the results varied depending on personal choice, there were some clear trends. I used a selection of questions that would give me an insight into peoples preference, such as:

What do you look for in a music video?

What is your preferred genre of music video?
- Stadium Performance
- Studio Performance
- Location
- Narrative
- Conceptual/Experimental

What makes a good narrative?
- conceptual/experimental
- relatable themes
- metanarrative

Is star image important to convey in music videos?

As a result of the multiple choice layout for some of the questions, the results provided me with quantitative findings which were easy to collate into an ordered format. The open questions offered me rich data in a qualitative format, giving a deeper insight into what I should include in my music video and most importantly, what genre I should choose.

Following this, a focus group allowed me to gather further primary research, however more directed towards my own work.  I had already conducted enough research prior to this, to develop a few ideas to pitch to the group. I found that people suggested a studio performance, as opposed to narrative would work best for the band and song that I have selected.

I would have preferred to present the song to the group, so that I could get more directed feedback, however the band were still in the process of choosing a song.

Once the band had sent me the chosen track and a rough idea of what they wanted the video to entail, I began researching accordingly. The band had decided to contradict the style of their music by having the visuals represent a 1950's style setting. I analysed "Buddy Holly" - Weezer and "In Bloom" - Nirvana. I found that common features in both these sequences, like the monochrome and static effects, manifested an authentic feel of the time period they were set in.

As Goodwin would suggest, visuals of this manner contradict the music. As well as opposing the conventional preconception of star image in relation to an alternative rock band. 


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