Friday, 3 March 2017

“Daydreaming,” Radiohead And Paul Thomas Anderson - Music Video

Last Friday, Radiohead followed the surprise release of their “Burn The Witch” video with another surprise: the release of a second song, “Daydreaming,” accompanied by not only the announcement that their new album would suddenly be out Sunday afternoon, but also a hauntingly mesmerizing video directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. (If you have been on the internet at all in the past week, I can’t imagine how you would’ve avoided being barraged by this information — plus the video has been screening at select movie theaters nationwide — but, you know, there it is, just in case you missed it.)
The “Daydreaming” video marked the first collaboration between the director and the full band, though there have been explicit ties between them for almost a decade, and more abstract connections that extend back even father. Both Radiohead and Anderson are famous, mostly-mainstream juggernauts who have reigned over their respective scenes for around two decades, garnering consistent critical adoration as well as the fervent fan devotion. In hindsight, such a direct collision of their worlds almost feels overdue.