Friday, 16 March 2018

Key Terms for Units 6 + 32

Language/Points to discuss for Practical Skills Unit

1. Video/Audio Equipment: 
  • Cameras; lenses; tripods; lighting; camera controls
  • Framing; composition colour balance
  • Microphones; noise; interference; recording levels
  • Checking equipment; cables; health & safety; risk assessment
      2. Liaising with clients: 
  • Meetings; feedback; questioning; note-taking
  • Audience demographics; age; gender; genre
      3. Appropriate procedures to complete productions for clients: 
  • Roles: editor; cinematographer; producer
  • Pre-production: schedules; recce; consent forms; scripts; storyboards
  • Production; liaison with client; using appropriate equipment (light/sound)
  • Post-production: transitions; effects; inserts; relation to brief; liaison with client
  • Teamwork: discussion; safety

Language/Points to discuss for Promotional Video Production Unit

1. Codes & Conventions for promotional video production
  • Style: informational; montage; talking heads; Content; form; promo; sales; information
  • Current practice: film; video; equipment; editing; effects; formats; files 
2. Planning promo video 
  • Client liaison: purpose; content; style; budget; audience needs
  • Development: content; style; proposal; scheduling; resources; locations; equipment
  • Health & safety: cabling; lifting; risk assessment; electrical equipment
  • Legal/ethical issues: copyright; permissions; age; gender; race
     3. Be able to produce promo video 
  • Production: techniques; single/multiple camera; sound; location; formats; communicate with client
  • Post-production: log material; edit; rough cut; final edit; transitions; graphics; sound; file type
      4. Be able to reflect on own promo video work 
  • Finished product: technical quality; suitability for purpose; meeting deadline; client feedback; audience feedback;
  • Production skills: technical competence; time management; teamwork
  • Format: presentation; written report 


  1. The Corporate Video Production process is comprised of three stages, all of which are integral to the final result. During Pre-Production, our client relationship manager and videographer work to gain a comprehensive understanding of your business and exactly what you wish to achieve with your video. We discuss ideas with you based on your defined objectives, and work to refine concepts to produce a truly unique outcome. Our process is centred around results, and we work to ensure you get the most valuable return on investment.

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