Friday, 16 March 2018

Key Terms for Units 6 + 32

Language/Points to discuss for Practical Skills Unit

1. Video/Audio Equipment: 
  • Cameras; lenses; tripods; lighting; camera controls
  • Framing; composition colour balance
  • Microphones; noise; interference; recording levels
  • Checking equipment; cables; health & safety; risk assessment
      2. Liaising with clients: 
  • Meetings; feedback; questioning; note-taking
  • Audience demographics; age; gender; genre
      3. Appropriate procedures to complete productions for clients: 
  • Roles: editor; cinematographer; producer
  • Pre-production: schedules; recce; consent forms; scripts; storyboards
  • Production; liaison with client; using appropriate equipment (light/sound)
  • Post-production: transitions; effects; inserts; relation to brief; liaison with client
  • Teamwork: discussion; safety

Language/Points to discuss for Promotional Video Production Unit

1. Codes & Conventions for promotional video production
  • Style: informational; montage; talking heads; Content; form; promo; sales; information
  • Current practice: film; video; equipment; editing; effects; formats; files 
2. Planning promo video 
  • Client liaison: purpose; content; style; budget; audience needs
  • Development: content; style; proposal; scheduling; resources; locations; equipment
  • Health & safety: cabling; lifting; risk assessment; electrical equipment
  • Legal/ethical issues: copyright; permissions; age; gender; race
     3. Be able to produce promo video 
  • Production: techniques; single/multiple camera; sound; location; formats; communicate with client
  • Post-production: log material; edit; rough cut; final edit; transitions; graphics; sound; file type
      4. Be able to reflect on own promo video work 
  • Finished product: technical quality; suitability for purpose; meeting deadline; client feedback; audience feedback;
  • Production skills: technical competence; time management; teamwork
  • Format: presentation; written report 

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