Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Shooting Check list for Queens Road shoot

1. Shoot on different aperture settings. (a f/22 would be good for long shots and f/4.5 for close up or mid shot work)

2. Consider shutter speed/frame rate, review footage after filming on changed aperture to ensure the footage is not over or under exposed.

3. Ensure you use Cut ins and Cut outs, when filming people/locations

4. Use Innovative camera movements

5. Shoot location establishing shots

6. Shoot elements of political or social problems (this may be in the form of narrative it may not)

7. Ask to shoot inside a shop on the Queens Road. Get owner to fill out a release form.

8. Consider a variety of vantage points when filming the same subject. Get close, get high, do not just shoot at eye level.

9. Consider composition (TABLES) on all shots

10. Capture still images of recording occurring.

11. Amount of variety on each shot needs to increase a lot!

12. No crashing

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